Treatment with Crystal Singing Bowls for Chronic Spinal Pain and Chronobiologic Activities- A Randomized Controlled Trial

Authors: Florian Wepner, Julia Hahne, Angelika Teichmann, Gertraud Berka-Schmid, Annette Hördinger, Martin Friedrich
Published In: Forsch Komplementmed. 2008 Jun;15(3):130-7.


This prospective randomized controlled trial examined the effect of harmonic vibrations of crystal singing bowls on the perception of pain, subjective wellbeing and chronobiologic activities (quality of sleep) in patients with chronic unspecific spinal pain.


54 persons with chronic, unspecific spinal pain participated in the study. The treatment group (IG) received 6 units of a singing bowl therapy, the placebo group (KG) received a placebo treatment. The control group (NG) was not treated at all. Pain intensity, pain disability and quality of life were evaluated right before and 1 week after the intervention, pulse rate and skin conductance were measured during 3 therapeutic sessions. A 24-hour measurement of the heart rate variability to evaluate quality of sleep was made four times.


IG and KG had significant lower pain intensities compared to the NG. The NG even experienced an increase in pain intensity. The results of the MDBF suggest an unspecific relaxing effect of the intervention in IG and KG. Twice during the treatment a significant decrease of the pulse rate could be observed.
Under the given conditions the hypothesis of pain relief and chronobiologic changes in patients with chronic spinal pain by a treatment with crystal singing bowls compared to placebo could not be confirmed.

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