Alzheimer’s Research

ISTA collects data and collaborates research proving the efficacy of using audible sound to relieve today’s stress, anxiety and pain. ISTA’s research and outreach programs  have touched those experiencing neurological disorders such as Alzheimer’s, dementia, Parkinson’s and children with autism.

Below are video reports of using acoustic sound for those experiencing the stress of Alzheimer’s.

Kelly Stoks

Alzheimers Study Version 2 from CymaQueen on Vimeo.

Delores DeVore

Delores from Cathy Page on Vimeo.

This video shares preliminary research using Cymatherapy for the stress of Alzheimer’s on a 75 year old non-cognitive female. The information and observations revealed in this video are not to be mistaken for a medical claim. This preliminary research deserves further investigation.