ISTA is proud to present the International Sound Therapy Association Practitioner Certification & Research grants. ISTA is a 501c-3 and dedicated to helping fund research to advance the science of sound as a powerful modality for modern wellness programs. Your donations help to fund current and ongoing research. Below are some of current programs and past research programs ISTA has championed. Donate today and become part of sound therapy history. 

Raising the standards of sound  healing education and protecting our profession is of paramount importance. Sound healing and sound healing education programs are rapidly growing in popularity. ISTA works with top educators and leaders in the field to create a universal certification opportunity for qualified practitioners. This also serves to raise the bar for sound healing creating a gold standard for education programs, research and helps to guide the general public and those seeking therapeutic sound for wellness to find qualified practitioners. Furthermore, it promotes our community of practitioners, teachers and spurs innovation and advancements in our profession.

Current ISTA Supported Research Programs

Current Research Programs In The Field Of Sound Therapy:

Read more about the research projects in sound therapy happening now.

Past ISTA Funded Research Programs

Read more about our past research projects.

Alzheimer’s Sound Study

Cyma Technologies conducted a six-week study using non-invasive sound therapy on Alzheimer’s patients. In 2016, Mandara Cromwell, DCM and Kate Holland, CCP conducted a six-week preliminary study

Pain Free Living

Launched in 2016, this campaign created to educate people about drug-free, non-invasive options for their health and the relief of pain through personal sound healing experiences, preliminary studies and clinical observations.

Looking for Research Funding?

Are you a researcher currently working in the field of cymatics, sound healing or vibrational medicine? ISTA is excited to help raise funds and champion your research project. Submit it below so we can begin to evaluate how we may help raise funds for your research initiative.

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Advancing the art of using sound as a therapeutic tool for improving wellness is at the heart of ISTA’s mission.

We are working to help fund current and future clinical trials and scientific research that solidify sound therapy as a scientific, evidence based healing arts modality. 

If you are a current researcher, please apply for funding assistance through our 501c3, inform us of your program and let our fundraising efforts help you advance your sound studies.