ISTA is proud to present the International Sound Therapy Association Practitioner Certification.

ISTA works to be the gold standard in Therapeutic Sound Healing Certifications. Raising the standards of sound healing education and protecting our profession is of paramount importance. Sound healing and sound healing education programs are rapidly growing in popularity. ISTA works with top educators and leaders in the field to create a universal certification opportunity for qualified practitioners. This also serves to raise the bar for sound healing education programs, research and helps to guide the general public and those seeking therapeutic sound for wellness to find qualified practitioners. Furthermore, it promotes our community of practitioners, teachers and spurs innovation and advancements in our profession.

Become A Certified ISTA Practitioner

Qualifying candidates will meet the following requirements.

Certification Application

Sound healing education is becoming more popular. Protecting the integrity of this ancient and rapidly developing modality is the core mission of ISTA.

Frequently Asked Questions

What counts as CEU credit?

The world of Vibrational Medicine is vast and sound therapy is one discipline in a larger field of study. Any course that focuses on the use of sound as a therapeutic modality or courses, books or classes that focus on improving a sound session will qualify. Attending the conference will qualify. Taking an ISTA CE course will qualify. Writing a two paragraph essay on a book about sound therapy will count towards CE’s? If you feel a course you have taken should qualify please submit it for review

I just graduated. Why do I have to take a test?

Sound healing education is becoming more popular. Powerful sound healing tools are readily available. WIth this growth in popularity is also a surge in less than quality education. Although rare, sound therapy used incorrectly or inappropriately can potentially cause harm. Protecting our profession from those just attempting to make a quick dollar is of paramount importance to us. Helping you be the very best sound therapist and feeling confident in using sound as a wellness modality is also of great importance. As more and more “therapists” open shop or incorporate sound healing into practices, the liability risk also increases. Secondly, we want to ensure we can protect the profession, therapists and reputation of sound therapy. Protecting clients, the profession and therapists is our aim.