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A Simple Step to Harness the Power of Sound:

Become aware of the words you speak…
                      Are they gentle or do they have sharp edges?

From ISTA contributor, Jen Wilson…

Singing has been humanity’s way of expressing joy, celebration and grief, to accompany work, for devotion, to assist in healing and to achieve altered states, for thousands of years, without a worry of how it sounds, having a ‘good’ voice, or being note perfect.

Song has always been a part of life. It brings the community together. It allows expression in a liberating way. And it breaks through barriers in such a profound, expressive way, like no other ‘healing practice’ can do.

There are many harmful, external waves that affect us in a negative way. But there is one internal wave that has resonated through our body since birth ~ one that is familiar to our entire body and knows intimately our essence and our blueprint. Our voice.

The blueprint of our entire body is contained within our voice.

Of all the methods and instruments for healing with sound, our voice is quite likely, the most powerful healing instrument of all. Resonating us from deep within, accessing places and wounds long forgotten and likely unseen, our voice is our most primordial and intimate sound we can nourish and heal ourselves with.

Sound travels through water more efficiently than through air, therefore the sound of our own voice resonates deeply through our entire being, reaching levels we may never consider. Our own voice carries the blueprint of who we are; the fullness of our being; the essence of our soul. Allowing ourselves to sing our soul song gives us a freedom and feeling of health and well being. On every level, that few other pursuits or activities give us. Our own voice feeds us. Our soul song is, quite literally, food for the soul.

Find out more about ISTA contributor Jen Wilson at www.transformationalsoundtherapy.com

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ISTA in the News

Mandara Cromwell is the Founder and Board President  of ISTA , producer of Cymatics – The Science of Sound and Vibrational Healing Annual Conference, CEO and President of Cyma Technologies, Inc., and 2013 Nominee for the Thomas Edison Award for Innovation in the fields on Science and Medicine for the AMI 750.

In addition to educational and community outreach, ISTA maintains a medical research board for data collection proving the efficacy of sound therapies. The ISTA research database serves as a bridge to western medicine and gives medical professionals the confidence they need to refer their patients to qualified sound therapists.




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