Lower Back Pain Relief

Lower Back Pain Relief

A friend of mine suggested I go see a Cymatherapist for my constant, chronic, lower back pain. I was referred to a wellness clinic where I was able to experience the pain channels on the AMI750™ device.

On my first visit, I was unsure of what would happen, since I have been down so many avenues and tried several drugs with no real relief. It has been increasingly difficult to believe that there is any hope for getting help with this. The therapist said I would be there for one hour and she helped me to lie down on a massage table. She said that the sound would be traveling through my feet.

At first, I thought, “I am just laying down relaxing, but I still feel a lot of pain.” Then I realized after about 20 minutes that my pain had started to “dissolve”. It was so incredible to even have it “ease up” that I fell asleep very soon after that. When the therapist woke me, I was feeling a little “spaced out” and I was afraid to get up because I thought it would start to hurt again.

With her help, I was able to sit up with no pain. About fifteen minutes later, I felt refreshed and was able to walk around just fine.

I was able to hold onto the benefits of the first session for about two days! I understand that it takes more than one visit to relieve chronic pain and I hope I can find a way to continue the treatment in the future. I would definitely recommend this “incredible nap” to others. I at least have some hope that there is some way to change my condition. I hope my story will help everyone with the Pain Free Living Campaign.

Cindy L. in Los Angeles