Sound Therapy: An Experimental Study with Autistic Children

Authors: Mahya Abedi Koupaei, Kambiz Poushaneh, Ali Zade Mohammadi, Najmeh Siampour, M.A
Published In: Procedia- Social and Behavioral Sciences: Volume 84, 9 July 2013, Pages 626-630

The effect of the Tomatis sound therapy method on the reduction of autistic symptoms in children with autism was studied.

34 autistic children (aged 4-8 years) were selected from a rehabilitation centre in Tehran and then assigned randomly to two equal-sized experimental and control groups. The experimental group received sound therapy for 30 sessions of 120 minutes. The GARS was administered as the pre- and post-test, before and after the treatment. Meanwhile, the sound therapy profile was used as a basic tool for the remediation plan.


This research showed that the Tomatis method can reduce autistic symptoms, increase social interaction, communication, and reduce stereotypical movements, and can be used as an effective treatment for autistic children.

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