wonder wave exhibit

The Wonder Wave Experience

The Wonder Wave is the newest, most creative approach to stress release for both children and adults! ISTA, a non-profit organization whose mission it is to educate the public on the use of therapeutic sound, has created an “experience” where the participants of all ages can learn about how quickly stress can disappear with both ancient techniques and cutting edge technology.

This Wonder Wave concept was developed by Mandara Cromwell, founder of the International Sound Therapy Association and Kate

Holland, Director of Sound Education for Cyma Technologies. The two women decided to take a creative approach toward stress relief with tools that can be used by everyone in the family.

Participants will learn to play a Tibetan bowl, creating soothing tones, using ancient techniques. They will also be offered the an opportunity to feel sound vibrations coming through their feet on the AMI 750 device, which was nominated for a Thomas Edison Award in the Fields of Medicine and Science.

As children and adults begin the experience, they will be offered the Wonder Wave coloring book which will engage them in learning about different waves of energy and inspiring them to “color with sound”.

The Wonder Wave experience is a traveling exhibit that is available for your school, health expo, alternative healing center and related learning experiences.

ISTA’s mission is to create healthy, stress free living through the awareness of the positive use of sound in the environment.

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