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After many years in the performing arts as a dancer/singer/actress on Broadway, the stage, TV, and film, in addition to being a writer, choreographer and teacher of dance, I began to step away to blend and combine all my experiences and knowledge into creating my wellness platform Jacquie Bird, Spiritual Wellness. In that transition, I had begun to realize how I really wanted to use my voice and that it was through Sound Healing. I also began moving toward indigenous instruments such as Tibetan Singing Bowls, mbira, tambor de olas (ocean drum) and other acoustic sound vessels. Through my platform Jacquie Bird, Spiritual Wellness I offer products and services that support, guide, and empower the individual. I am the author of the 7 Daily Thoughts & Mantras 4 Mindfulness eBook series; the Creator/Practitioner of StressBusters Guided Meditation, and the Owner/Creator of the handmade wellness brand MODAL VISIONS, which is rooted in the energetically dynamic properties of gemstones, crystals and copper. In addition, I offer my SoundSoulVibin’ Meditation Music and Guided Meditation tracks for the uber busy person who wants to meditate, but doesn’t have a lot of time in which to do so. I am also the creator and host of the podcast Roll With Peace, In Mind, another way to tune into your Inner Self to balance and connect. My entire platform and intent is upon mindfulness, personal growth, stress and anxiety relief, anger management, depression relief, self love and self care—my tools are guided meditation, aromatherapy, movement, gemstones, sound, breath and my Intuitive Energy.
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Sound Healing, StressBusters Guided Meditation, Dance classes
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February 2, 2021
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One on One Sessions, Group/Sound Bath
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Tibetan Singing Bowls, tambor de olas, tingsha, thunder drum, crystal pyramid, crystal tuning forks,