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Marko Zigon has been connected to Sound since 1993. Trained in classical music (Trombone and Percussions) he later formed a band and performed more than 500 live shows - recording 2 studio albums. Bachelor in Acoustics he later successfully completed the Australian International School for Audio Engineering (SAE). In 2005 he experienced sound healing for the first time and immediately sensed a deep attraction to it. After completing more than 15 international trainings and personal tuitions by leading experts in the field held in Germany, UK, Japan, USA, Italy, Russia, France, Poland, and Nepal... he delivered more than 900 individual sound therapy sessions, hosting more than 300 group meditations around the globe as well. Marko has been constantly cultivating responsible, innovative and passionate approach to his sound therapy practice which can be supported by pioneering the "Body Frequency response test" - a unique sound evaluation method featuring high accuracy diagnosis. Relentlessly evolving and focusing on delivering the best experience Marko has gathered so far an impressive collection of sonic tools (which include more than 120 singing bowls, 101+ tuning forks and 14 different gongs) among many other rare instruments he is sharing the passion during his regularly 60+ international trainings held in: UAE, Germany, Italy, Nepal, Bahrain, England, USA, Hong Kong and Japan. For the last 3 years he is constantly teaching sound therapy courses: (level 1,2 & 3).
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Gongs: Certified GM training with the Grand gong master Don Conreaux (USA) as well as cosmic gong techniques with gong scientist Jens Zygar (Germany). Gong making (hand-hammering) masterclass with sound metalsmith Ton Akkermans (Netherlands). Singing bowls: Peter Hess sound massage training level 1-4 (in Germany, personally with Peter Hess at PHI headquarter). Sound training in Nepal at the Himalayan singing bowl center with “Kassa” dynasty successors (Kathmandu). Private lessons with singing bowl expert Frank Perry (UK). Tuning forks: Private lectures with frequency mathematician Randy Masters (Santa Cruz - California), Tuning forks Human tuning training with John Beaulieu (New York) and planetary frequency consultations with the father of planetary wavelengths - Hans Cousto (Germany).
Services Offered
01. Sound Therapy Trainings 02. Sound Therapy Private Sessions 03. Group Sound Meditations 04. Sound Massage
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December 12, 2050
Types of Sessions
One on One Sessions, Group/Sound Bath, Instructor
Instruments / Modalities
01. Tuning Forks 02. Himalayan Singing Bowls 03. Crystal Singing Bowls 04. Gongs 05. Cymatic Frequency Application 06. Frequency Research 07. Sound Massage