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In 2017 a national movement for creating a Pain Free World was launched!

The goal for the first year was to reach 20,000 people…and it happened! Through the efforts of Co-Chairs Mandara Cromwell and Kate Holland, along with many other like-minded businesses, practitioners and individuals, people everywhere were able to have the experience of non-invasive, acoustic sound therapy!

In this second of a five-year initiative, the Pain Free Living Campaign seeks research partners who want to introduce drug free alternatives to their clients, patients or the community. We want to help you PROVE that therapeutic sound can work!

No matter who you are, you can help create a Pain Free World!

If you want to become involved, here’s how:

  • Approach a non-profit organization you are affiliated with and invite them to participate.
    When you join your like-minded non-profit with ours, we both get the greatest impact!
  • Offer your establishment as a site where sound sessions or sound events could be held
    to demonstrate the efficacy of therapeutic sound.
  • Find a sound practitioner near you and have a session.
  • Share your “sound experiences” with your family and friends.

For more information on this world changing initiative and how to get a “sound therapy experience,”

Please contact us here

The official Pain Free Living Campaign launched on January 11th, 2017. This five-year, national initiative will inspire people to become educated on non-traditional pain relief and to seek out health practitioners that provide alternatives to drugs.

The International Sound Therapy Association (ISTA), is a non-profit organization, whose quest it is to create a pain free world using audible sound instruments. The Pain Free Living Campaign will identify sites where this kind of therapy can be experienced and offer various ways that people can become involved in the campaign.


The launch of the campaign opens the doors for Sound Practitioners to begin their Pain Free Living studies as well as identifying other organizations or businesses nationwide that will become known as Pain Free Living Sites, where non-traditional pain relief techniques will be offered.


Throughout the years 2017-2022 ISTA will collect stories from people nationally and internationally who are having pain free experiences, both on a personal level and as practitioners. These will be posted on the Pain Free Living Blog to help document this ground-breaking campaign.



The Pain Free Living Campaign is designed to draw together sound practitioners with those who are looking for new approaches to pain relief and/or management and who are not satisfied with results or complications from the use of standard drug therapy. Many people are unaware of the alternate choices available and have no access to testimonials of those who are having great success.


The 2017 goal of the Pain Free Living Campaign is to touch 20,000 people through sound therapy sessions, educated conversation and compiling stores of our collective experiences as we embark on a new path for wellness. We hope to establish sites around the country for the continued use and success of sound alternatives. For more information on the campaign and how to get involved contact us here.


The Pain Free Living Campaign is an idea that was born from the vision of bringing a new paradigm of healing to our world.  Humanity is suffering from unprecedented stress, chronic pain, drug addiction and a lack of knowledge about the alternative choices or how to find them.


  • We must first educate people that they have a choice about their pathway to health; that alternative, complementary options are available and that they do indeed work.
  • Secondly, we must produce the highest quality devices, protocols and education so the therapy provided is consistent and professional.
  • Third, with the new success of the Cyma Ten protocols, most specifically the newly researched pain protocols, along with the effectiveness of tuning forks and singing bowls, it becomes even more important to get this information, the devices and the programs into the hands of as many people as possible.
  • Fourth, the need for alternatives to drugs has never been greater. The need to educate people and offer them the alternatives before they get addicted has never been more important.
  • This campaign can be the vehicle to work in a “grass roots” way to develop representatives across the United States; which can and will have a great impact on the future healthcare of the world.
  • Our goal Is to reach 20,000 people in the first year, through educated conversation, actual sound therapy sessions, sharing of pain free stories on the blog, and creating jobs of the future and training therapists to fill them.
  • We must provide high quality, alternative, complementary healthcare with consistent results that we can measure and document, to create a belief in a pain free world. With the completion of our goal and objectives, we will be able to witness this in our lifetime.




 Join us in the Pain Free Living Campaign!  With all of you, this dream is possible!!

Help us reach OUR goal!   

Here are the Top Ten Ways:

  1. Wear The Pain Free Living World button Click here to order
  2. Visit The Pain Free Living blog. Share Your Pain Free story! Click here to submit your story
  3. Raise Sound Therapy Industry Profile   (i.e. Tweet, Video, Speak, Give Interviews, Write Articles, etcetera…)
    Click here to contact us for more info on how to contribute
  4. Refer people you know to Sound Therapists
  5. Begin your Sound Therapy Education & Career with our TSC Certfication
  6. Organize Pain Free Living Parties with your AMI 750 device, singing bowl or tuning forks.
  7. Plan a Pain Free Living Sound Event in your area with other practitioners
  8. Forward Complete Pain Studies for the ISTA data base
    Don’t know how to do a pain study? Ask us how!)
  9. Encourage people to visit the websites www.cymatechnologies.com and www.istasounds.org
  10. Make a charitable contribution to further this campaign – see Donate button below.


For WOMEN VETERANS SOCIAL JUSTICE participants contact Kate Holland here

THANK YOU for joining us in our Pain Free Living Campaign!