istaoutreachAs an organization ISTA is dedicated to bringing you the best in sound healing, experience, and therapy through our community outreach and events. Below you can quickly browse all the events and outreach programs that ISTA has to offer.

istaangels-outreachCommunity Outreach – What a great time today as the ISTA ANGELS worked with Shenanigans, a pioneer in applied improv theater for adolescents, teens, and adults on the autistic spectrum. AMAZING to watch and feel the response. THANK YOU!! Tina Rae Fusco, Jennifer Proctor, Christine Rochon, Michael Burke, Don Simmons


Volunteer Speakers Bureau:

  • Qualified members are available for public speaking engagements or presentations to other organizations, schools or colleges about the therapeutic use of sound therapies.
  • Qualified volunteer members are involved in research projects with local health care providers and institutions.
  • Future volunteer outreach programs are planned to promote education and awareness of the therapeutic and transformative uses of sound and music in assisted living or skilled nursing environments, hospices, holistic centers and schools.
  • ISTA serves the community at large by sharing information with the general public and by giving sound therapy pioneers and visionaries a nurturing forum to disseminate the results of research and professional studies to the community.

Speakers Bureau

Our ‘Speakers Bureau’ consists of volunteer members who represent ISTA. They speak to community organizations at no cost, carrying the message of the powerful benefits of therapeutic sound to our local community and to the world.

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