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Date(s) - Saturday, March 3, 2018
1:00 pm - 5:00 pm
For information call 706-332-0181 cell

Phoenix and Dragon Bookstore Annex
5505 Roswell Road, Room 215
For directions and location call: 404-255-5207


SKU: Introduction to Himalayan Singing Bowls
Instructor: Alison Mills-Long
Dress Code: casual


Introduction to Himalayan Singing Bowls with Alison Mills-Long

Introduction to Himalayan singing bowls to include history, personal and therapeutic uses, as well as techniques for playing the bowls.  An overview of the types of metal singing bowls and strikers/mallets for various effects is covered along with time for experiential use during class.


  • Demonstrate ability to properly strike a singing bowl for desired effect.
  • Describe uses for singing bowls in regards to personal and therapeutic settings.
  • Identify different types of metal bowls and optimal uses for each.
  • Develop a general energy/chakra clearing protocol for personal or client use.
  • Conduct effective intake on client health history for various settings.
  • Apply knowledge gained in class to formulate general/simple usage plan for newly acquired skills.


Suggested Student Resources

List books (Title, Author and ISBN), lab manuals, websites, supplies, materials or whatever else the student will need to complete the course. Himalayan sound revelations – the complete singing bowl book, 2nd edition – expanded, Frank Perry

isbn:  978-1-905398-37-9

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