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Date(s) - Saturday, March 10, 2018 - Sunday, June 10, 2018
9:00 am - 6:00 pm
For information call 678-634-1249

Phoenix and Dragon Bookstore Annex
5505 Roswell Road, Room 215
For directions and location call: 404-255-5207


SKU: TF 2018 Certification
Instructor: Delores DeVore
Dress Code: casual

In Tune with Tuning Forks Certification Class 2018
with Delores DeVore

Location: Phoenix and Dragon Bookstore – South Annex, Room 215; 5531 Roswell Road NE, Atlanta, GA 30342

Dates and Time:
March 10&11, 2018 9am-6pm – Intervals and Elements
April 14&15, 2018 9am-6pm – Balancing the Body’s Energy Systems
May 6, 2018 9am-6pm The Solfeggio System – Portals of Light– There is More Than Meets the Eye
June 10, 2018 9am-6pm Our Cosmic Connection and Inward Journey
August 5, 2018, 1-5 pm (location TBA) presentation of case studies and graduation
and 20 documented client hours including 2 case studies.

Note: Class 1 is a new class that has been added. Previous students should consider taking this class.  I have been working this these Protocols this last year and they are POWERFUL!


  • Total class + Graduation = $1100. 00 If paid in advance $950.00.
  • Payment plans are available for 275.00/ month over 4 months or pay the class price by the time of the class.
  • Class 1 (2 days) – $350.00; Class 2 (2 days) – 350.00; Class 3 (1 day) 175.00; Class 4 (1 day) – 175.00
  • Graduation 50.00.
  • Previous students can retake classes they have attended for ½ the class price. (Contact Delores for discount code)
  • Contact us for payment plan option


Class Overviews: (Take all for Certification – or drop in for a class or two.)

  • Class 1 – 2 days – Intervals and Elements – March 10 & 11 2018 Cost 350.00
    • Working with the Elements and Intervals used in the book Human Tuning by Dr. John Beaulieu
    • Information learned in this class is transferable to Crystal Bowls


  • Class 2 – 2 days – Balancing the Body’s Energy Systems – April 14 & 15 2018 – Cost 350.00
    • Working with the Vedic chakra system   both on and off the body using 3 techniques.


  • Class 3 – 1 day – The Solfeggio – Portals of Light– there is more than meets the eye – May 6th     2018 – Cost 175.00
    • Working with the Solfeggio forks both on the body and in the human energy field. Using the work of Eileen McKusick and her book the Human Bio Energy Field, the work of David Hulse as well as my findings and the work of GW Hardin and Joseph Crane.


  • Class 4 – 1 day – Our Cosmic Connection and Inward Journey– June 10 2018 – Cost 175.00
    • Working with the Cosmic Octave (Planetary) forks and the Fibonacci set of forks


  • Class 5 – ½ day – Give presentation of case studies and graduate In August 5, 1-5- cost 50.00


  • Client Hours: 20 documented client hours including 2 case studies.



Tuning forks needed:  Set of Solar Harmonic Spectrum forks – unweighted; 2 Otto128™;

Optional fork sets –

  • Solar Harmonic Spectrum forks – weighted; (Class 2)
  • add-on to Solar Harmonic – the Pythagorean upgrade set of 3 (Class 2)
  • the Fibonacci upgrade set of 4.(Class 4)
  • Cosmic Octave set of forks (11) + High and Low OM forks; (Class 4)
  • Solfeggio Set of forks (9) (Class 3)

Tuning forks can be pre-ordered no later than 2 weeks before class.

Click here to order your forks by Feb 20th

Class 1 (2 day class)

  • Introduce Solar Harmonic Spectrum set of forks, how to hold and strike tuning forks
  • Types of tuning forks (stainless steel, aluminum – weighted ad unweighted) and why you would want certain types of forks and for what purpose.
  • History of Tuning forks
  • Discuss the use of C&G interval to balance the nervous system
  • Listen and notice other 5th intervals – how do they compare
  • Discuss the Otto128™ fork and Nitric Oxide
  • Discuss other intervals that either sedate or vitalize the energy of the body
  • Introduce and learn to use 5 Elements (Polarity Theory), and protocols;
  • give and receive sessions
  • Start Case Study – Wavier form, Intake form, VAS Scale (additionally BP device to track blood pressure and heart rate before and after sessions)
  • Discuss License / ability to touch, insurance.

Handouts – Elements and Protocols, Case Study documentation, session documentation, intake form, wavier form.

Class 2 – (2 day class)

  • Introduce and teach three techniques for balancing the chakra system using the Solar Harmonic Spectrum set of forks
  • Introduce and teach the Pythagorean Scale (Circle of Fifths) to balance the energy system of the body.
  • give and receive sessions
  • update on Case studies

Handouts – Chakras, 3 techniques, scale of Solar Harmonic and Circle of Fifths

Class 3 (1 day class)

  • Introduce the Solfeggio Forks –
  • Using the book –Tuning the Human Bio-Field
  • Introduce and teach to use 2 different techniques – one is for the chakra system the other is for the emotional body
  • Discuss the scale of forks these tones belong too. Introduce the work of GW Hardin and Joseph Crane and their work with the Solfeggio System
  • give and receive sessions
  • update on case studies and Case study write up and VAS calculations

Handouts – 2 techniques, info about GW Hardin and Joseph Crane

Class 4 (1 day class)

  • Introduce the Cosmic Octave forks – use for balancing the chakras – spiritual body – and also with Natal Astrology Chart.
  • Walk students through finding their own Cosmic forks using their own natal charts (Sun, Moon, ASC, and Mid Heaven)
  • Introduce and teach how to use the Fibonacci Set of forks for self and clients.
  • give and receive sessions
  • any additional questions on case studies

Handouts – Astrology information,

Class 5 (1/2 day class)

  • Present case studies – and graduate.


Client hours: –

  • self – 15 min each day over the course of the classes.
  • Clients – see a minimum of 8 clients over the course of the classes, preferably with different sets of forks -Can only use the same person at most 2 times.
  • plus 2 case studies.


Case Studies: –  2 clients – using the Solar Harmonic Spectrum set of forks or the Solfeggio Set of forks.

Document each session and turn in within 48hrs to receive credit for that session.  The same person cannot be used for both case studies!

For Intervals and Elements/Protocols (1st case study)- 6 sessions per client once per week.  (Using same protocol and set of forks);

For Energy Systems / Emotional body (2nd case study)  – using either the Solar Harmonic, Pythagorean set, or the Solfeggio set of forks – 6 sessions – can use same set of forks and technique over 6-8 week period of time.

Reserve and Pay

Ticket Type Price Spaces
Class 5 - Case Studies and Graduation $50.00
Class 3 - 1 day - Solfegggio - Portals of Light - There is More Than Meets the Eye $175.00
Class 4 - 1 day - Our Cosmic Connection and Inner Journey $175.00
Class 1 - 2 days - Elements and Intervals $350.00
Class 2 - 2 days - Balancing the Body Energy Systems $350.00
In Tune with Tuning forks 2018 $950.00