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Date(s) - Saturday, March 10, 2018 - Sunday, March 11, 2018
9:00 am - 6:00 pm
For information call 678-634-1249

Phoenix and Dragon Bookstore Annex
5505 Roswell Road, Room 215
For directions and location call: 404-255-5207


SKU: TF 2018 Class 1 - Elements and Intervals
Instructor: Delores DeVore
Dress Code: casual

In Tune with Tuning Forks Certification Class 2018
with Delores DeVore

Location: Phoenix and Dragon Bookstore – South Annex, Room 215; 5531 Roswell Road NE, Atlanta, GA 30342

Dates and Time:
March 10&11, 2018 9am-6pm – Intervals and Elements

Class Overviews: (Take all for Certification – or drop in for a class or two.)

  • Class 1 – 2 days – Intervals and Elements – March 10 & 11 2018 Cost 350.00
    • Working with the Elements and Intervals used in the book Human Tuning by Dr. John Beaulieu
    • Information learned in this class is transferable to Crystal Bowls

Tuning forks needed:  Set of Solar Harmonic Spectrum forks – unweighted; 2 Otto128™;

Tuning forks can be pre-ordered no later than 2 weeks before class.

Go here to purchase the tuning forks for this class

Class 1 (2 day class)

  • Introduce Solar Harmonic Spectrum set of forks, how to hold and strike tuning forks
  • Types of tuning forks (stainless steel, aluminum – weighted ad unweighted) and why you would want certain types of forks and for what purpose.
  • History of Tuning forks
  • Discuss the use of C&G interval to balance the nervous system
  • Listen and notice other 5th intervals – how do they compare
  • Discuss the Otto128™ fork and Nitric Oxide
  • Discuss other intervals that either sedate or vitalize the energy of the body
  • Introduce and learn to use 5 Elements (Polarity Theory), and protocols;
  • give and receive sessions




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