ISTA Board Of Directors

donsimmonsDon Simmons – President, Board of Directors

Don Simmons is a Mystic and Visionary Consultant helping people and businesses find balance in life. He has been a speaker at Kennesaw State University’s International Conference on Peace and Religion and twice at Emory University’s Global Health and Humanity Summit where he spoke on “Meditation and Sound as a Personal Path to Peace.” He has produced numerous meditation/music CD’s and has performed with Steven Halpern and Jonn Serrie.  As a film producer, he worked on the award winning docu-series “Mystic Lands” for the Discovery Channel and won a Pele Award of Excellence in Hawaii for a series of PSA’s on Crisis Intervention. He created GB2, (Gongs, Bells & Bowls) an outreach program for ISTA; and the Sacred Sound Ministry, a program teaching the power of Sound as a prayerful, healing modality. Having trained with Jon Kabat-Zinn and Thich Nhat Hanh, Don teaches meditation, mindfulness and compassion with the use of Sound as a modality of relaxation, balance and wellness. 


mandaraMandara Cromwell- Founder, Board of Directors Chair

Mandara Cromwell is the Founder and Board Chair for ISTA (The International Sound Therapy Association), producer of Cymatics~The Science of Sound and Vibrational Healing Annual Conference, CEO and President of Cyma Technologies, Inc., and 2013 Nominee for the Thomas Edison Award for Innovation in the fields of Science and Medicine for the AMI750®.

Experiencing a love for Gregorian chant as a child, Mandara continued on her sound journey after college, traveling to India to study Sanskrit chant, yoga, Ayurveda and meditation. Years later she was introduced to the world of Cymatics with the meeting of Dr. Peter Guy Manners, a British osteopath who discovered audible soundwave frequency patterns that effect cellular regeneration. Manners worked in collaboration with a group of scientists and medical doctors, for decades, formulating biosignatures and healing frequencies for each part and function of the body.  These “Cymatic Signatures” create cellular symphonies that nurture and nourish our body, mind and spirit, resulting in a state of harmonious health. Since Manners passing in 2009, Cyma Technologies continues the research and development of therapeutic sound devices implementing therapeutic audible frequencies.

Mandara Cromwell lectures on behalf of the International Sound Therapy Association—an organization dedicated to increasing the public’s awareness of the power of our thoughts and words, and sound in our environment.  ISTA is also dedicated to promoting therapeutic sound modalities to the healing world.


Beth A. Snyder, CCHt, Vice President


Natalie Brown, Musician & Sound Therapy Teacher, Education Director