What is ISTA?

The International Sound Therapy Association is comprised of individuals interested in the benefits of sound and vibration including but not limited to: sound therapists, musicians, healing practitioners, music therapists and medical professionals. Speakers and performers connect with other like-minded individuals & organizations. ISTA is dedicated to increasing awareness of sound healing techniques through community and educational outreach, workshops, concerts and conferences. Read our Mission Statement below and see how ISTA can benefit you!

Mission Statement

The International Sound Therapy Association’s purpose is to promote the benefits of therapeutic sound by providing an educational forum and activities for sound therapists, musicians, healing arts practitioners, and the general public.

ISTA provides a local forum for the dissemination and sharing of cutting edge educational information and research on sound therapy modalities and new ways to use ancient therapies, in order to advance the understanding of the therapeutic benefits of music, sound and vibration.

What is Sound Therapy?

Sound Therapy is defined by ISTA as: “The application of sound to the full body or to a specific part of the body, from electronically-generated sound sources, or from musical sources, as therapeutic support by a credentialed Sound Therapy practitioner.” – Internatial Sound Therapy Association

Events and Outreach

As an organization ISTA is dedicated to bringing you the best in sound healing, experience, and therapy through our community outreach and events. You can quickly browse all the events and outreach programs that ISTA has to offer by clicking here.

Yearly Events

Temple of Sound – held in the spring

Cymatics Conference – held in the fall

Founder’s 10th Anniversary message at the 2015 Conference.

Message from the President – Don Simmons