ISTA introduces its new Sound Practitioner Certification training!

 The efficacy of sound as a healing tool is becoming increasingly recognized in fields of science, medicine, therapy, and holistic wellness. The effects of sound on the body and brain are being found to be more efficient and instantaneous than many other allopathic modalities. As with any powerful treatment, the application of sound in a therapeutic context must be understood through both research and first-hand experience before it should be administered.  

 Beginning February 2017, ISTA will offer a 3-level comprehensive training. This 2-year, 400-hour curriculum offers a unique opportunity to study with experts in the field, and not only receive a world class education, but also deepen your own personal practice. The training includes three levels:  beginning, intermediate, and advanced. Each level builds upon the science and therapeutic techniques being researched and applied to help today’s population seeking relief from stress and pain. Complete all three levels and graduate as a certified ISTA practitioner!

 Learn how you can help yourself and those around you enhance holistic well-being through sound!