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Since ancient times, indigenous cultures the world over have utilized the power of sound in their healing practices. Now, the Western scientific community is beginning to appreciate the value of the effects of sound on the human organism and the application of sound is becoming increasingly popular as a therapeutic tool.

As with the rise of meditation and yoga practices in the West, the use of sound consciousness-expanding practice has also been spreading rapidly. There is a growing demand for therapeutic sound work in venues such as medical facility programs, corporate wellness initiatives, elder care organizations, holistic health centers, integrative counseling and coaching, among others.

We all understand, on some level, that sound has an impact on our mood, mental focus, and physiological state. Scientific studies have now shown that calculated and controlled application of certain sounds results in reduction of stress and pain perception.  But how? Why? And how can we utilize sound in a systematic way to improve health and overall well-being? Furthermore, if sound can have such a powerful impact on our mental, emotional, and physical states, is it possible that sound implemented in “the wrong way” can cause harm?  Anyone can strike a singing bowl or tap some tuning forks.  But what makes someone qualified to administer sound as a therapeutic tool as well as be effective in doing so?  

In the burgeoning field of sound therapy, which lacks a governing institution to uphold skillful standards, ISTA sets the “gold standard” for therapeutic sound practitioner proficiency and to uphold the ethical criteria for professionals in the field of sound healing by offering this certification program.



This skills-based, process-oriented educational model offers thorough exposure to the fundamental principles of therapeutic sound, including physiological, neurological and psychological effects of sound on the human organism.

Program participants receive intensive instruction in the application of principles via modalities of the voice, singing bowls, tuning forks, and advanced sound technology, with recurring practicums that afford ample opportunity to develop skills and hone methods.

This integrative program is designed with academic rigor, to awaken and enhance your inner knowing of sound, while cultivating your unique capacity for implementing sound as a powerful healing tool.

Enhance your current career with the powerfully healing tool of sound or embark
upon an exciting new path in the field of therapeutic sound!

A 10-month, 270 hour training consisting of Five Immersive,
Long-Weekend Training Sessions

Supplemented by:

  • Conference Calls
  • Reading Assignments
  • Assigned Practice
  • Case Study Research

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Our seasoned and innovative facilitators–Wendy Young and Stephanie Rooker — are committed to each participant’s individual development, as well as to advancing refined, sophisticated work in the field.

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Career opportunities for ISTA certified integrative sound practitioners include:

  • Medical facility programs
  • Corporate wellness initiatives
  • Elder care organizations
  • Holistic health centers
  • Integrative counseling
  • Coaching, and more!



Check back for our 2018 class details–The next TSC Course will begin April 2018!


No previous sound / musical experience necessary.


New York

TUITION $3,000 as a single payment
or 10 Installments $330(total of $3300)

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