Come along with me as I try to solve the mystery/ riddles given to Dr. Joseph Puleo by Jesus. We will go down several rabbit holes, find interesting numbers/ codes/ patterns.  

A Journey into the “Solfeggio” Numbers and Gematria:
Delving deeper and deeper into the abyss
All is number.” “All is mind.” “All is Consciousness.“ – Pythagoras

Goal of this Presentation:

  • Show my decode of the 3 clues given to Dr. Joseph Puleo and discuss where Puleo made some logical errors in his decode.
  • The solution to first clue is known by all who work with the “solfeggio” numbers
  • Clues two and three have not been discussed or used by anyone that I know
  • Show that the numbers have been misnamed
  • Show that I have found the scale that the numbers belong
  • Possible solution to the third clue – can you give me clues to follow to finish this 17 year study.
  • Show what I have learned about Gematria over the last 2 years and how it is being used today.

The title has quotes around the word Solfeggio because these numbers have been misnamed. This is an updated version of the talk I first gave to ISTA in 2005. I have removed the details of the decode and show only the patterns, numerology and solutions that I found. I have added the Gematria rabbit hole that I went down while decoding the third clue. What I have found leaves me stunned.  Bring a copy of the King James version of the Bible if you want to check my work. (all clues are in this version of the Bible).

Delores DeVore has a degree in Mathematics, with minors in General Science and Education, and her continuing education is with Universal Brotherhood University, where she has a Master’s degree in Divinity based on her work with Sound Essences. She has taught in the public school system as well as the corporate world. She sang in church, high school and college choirs; took piano lessons from the 1st grade through the 9th grade where she focused on the Classics.

As a child in grammar school, she would get books from the library on numerology and knew at that young age that she would major in math. In high school, she won a year-long contest given by the Math department where the school was invited to solve interesting problems each week – mostly based on math and logic.

She has a passion for geometry, numbers, patterns, codes, esoteric knowledge and Occult (hidden) knowledge and has a large library full of books that cover these topics. She also like mysteries and spy stories

In 1980 she took the Silva Mind Control (now Silva Method) course where she found the Alpha brain state as the place where prayer took place and healing occurs. She purchased by first tuning forks in 1987 and started her journey with Ted Andrew’s book – “Healing with Sound and Color” and the book “Stalking the Wild Pendulum: The Mechanics of Consciouness” and Tolbert’s book, “The Holographic Universe”.  These books have taken her down many paths of exploration.  She has studied with or the works of the following Sound people: Laurel Elizabeth Keys / Don Campbell / Wendy Young; Tom Kenyon; Jonathan Goldman; David Hulse; Eileen McKusick; John Beaulieu and Hans Cousto. She was initiated into the Hathor sounds by Tom Kenyon in 1997. She is an ISTA Certified Therapeutic Sound Practitioner. Because of her math background she brings to the table the math/science of sound and harmony.