ISTA – International Sound Therapy Association Membership

Membership with the International Sound Therapy Association connects you with the best in sound healing, therapy, and experience. You become part of a growing network of individuals who strive to use the power of sounds to enrich their lives and the lives of those around them.

 ISTA membership comes with a host of benefits: 

  1. You will have access to the“Members Only” part of our site which includes:
    • Access to ISTA T.V. (our video archive of past classes, teachings, and events).
    • Access tolist items in our used gear store (an area to buy and sell used gear).
    • You will have full access to the ISTA archive of articles and research about sound therapy.
    • You will have full access to our ISTA ringtone collection (to bring the power of sound to every text
    • You will be notified of all upcoming ISTA events and Trainings.
    • and call).
    • You will receive our quarterly newsletter bringing you the latest in sound healing, therapy, and experience.
    • *members only site is still under construction.
  2. You will have discounted or free admission to some ISTA events.
  3. You will be connected to the international community of people utilizing and benefiting from the healing power of sounds.

What types if Memberships are there?

ISTA has two types of Membership: Standard and Practitioner:

Standard membership is for people who want to become a part of our community, but are not sound practitioners or healers. Please check out the descriptions below that explain each type of standard membership.

Practitioner membership is for people who utilize sound in their therapeutic practices. Practitioner members will be listed on ISTA’s approved practitioner and will also have options to advertise with ISTA. To apply for this type of membership

ISTA prides itself on bringing the best in sound experience, healing, and therapy to everyone. For this reason we have a variety of Standard memberships. It is important to note that all of the memberships below receive the benefits of a standard ISTA member.

  1. Individual-this type of membership fits most members and is designed for a single individual wishing to join our family. $35.00/yr
  2. Family- Is a membership for 2-3 people who want to experience ISTA together (note all individuals must be listed at time of sign up) $45.00/yr
  3. Senior- this type of membership is for people 65 and over. $25.00/yr
  4. Student- This membership is designed for people in college or who are studying to become a sound practitioner. $25.00/yr

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 How long does the membership last?

ISTA’s standard membership is subscription based, so once you join your membership will be active.*

More questions: Contact us below. Ready to join: Click below to join ISTA today.

*some memberships do not apply. Any memberships included with an event will last through our calendar year which begins February 16th.

All practitioner memberships must be renewed at the beginning of ISTA’s calendar year.

Canceled Memberships will last through our calendar year. To unsubscribe from ISTA click here