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Date(s) - Saturday, February 11, 2017 - Sunday, June 18, 2017
10:00 am - 5:00 pm
For information call 678-634-1249

Phoenix and Dragon Bookstore Annex
5505 Roswell Road, Room 215
For directions and location call: 404-255-5207


SKU: TF2017-3CC
Instructor: Delores DeVore
Dress Code: casual

In Tune with Tuning Forks 2017

Tuning forks classes that set the Gold Bar standard for certification

CE’s are available for Massage Therapists

CEUs are not a given at this time for GA Massage Therapists – We have written a letter to have them approved but will not know until March 24 if the classes are accepted.

Whether you take one or all of the Tuning Fork Workshops in this beginner series you will love working with Tuning Forks!

Participate in ALL Three workshops and complete the required case studies to receive an ISTA Certification Diploma!

You can also take just 1 or 2 classes if you like.

Previous Students can audit a class they have taken at a reduced rate of 50% off individual classes. – contact us for discount code.

Owning your own tuning forks is a requirement if you are planning on certification and case studies. If you wish to purchase forks before class time and want guidance, please contact the Delores DeVore by clicking here

Forks can be purchased through ISTA at www.powerofsounds.org

  • Certification requires you attend all 3 classes and complete the case studies. Cost $650.00 if paid by Feb 11, 2017. (Saving $100.00)
  • All three classes without certification – $600.00 – if paid by Feb 11, 2017.(Saving $100.00)


In Tune with Tuning Forks Level 1 – Basics of Tuning forks Class 1

This weekend provides a solid foundation for adding Tuning Forks to your life.  Whether you choose to use them for friends and family or implement them into your practice, this is the weekend to attend!

Saturday and Sunday, Feb 11& 12, 2017
10am – 5pm each day
Phoenix and Dragon South Annex, Room 215

Cost $350.00, 12 CEU’s

This 2 day class is the beginning class for Tuning forks.  It will cover

  • History of tuning forks
  • How to hold and strike tuning forks
  • Techniques to use with tuning forks
  • Weighted, Unweighted forks
  • The basic set used in Sound Healings – Harmonic Spectrum
  • Vedic Chakra System
  • Additional forks – OM, Otto, Nerve, and the perfect fifth (C&G)
  • Pythagorean scale – different from the Harmonic Spectrum
  • Using forks at reflex points on the feet
  • Types of Scales, and Sets of Forks
  • How to start your case studies
  • Hands on practice sessions


In Tune with Tuning Forks Level 1 Class 2 – “Solfeggio” – Portals of Light – Tuning forks

Sunday, March 12, 2017
10am- 5pm
Phoenix and Dragon South Annex, Room 215

Cost: $175.00, 6 CEU’s

This class will cover:

  • The history of the “Solfeggio” Tones
  • The naming of the “Solfeggio” Tones
  • The musical scale the tones belong to
  • Techniques for the “Solfeggio” forks
  • Working with the emotional body through the chakra system
  • The Human Bio-field and emotional energy
  • Advanced Information about the “Solfeggio” system
  • Hands on practice sessions


In Tune with Tuning Forks Level 1 Class 3 – Cosmic Octave Tuning forks

Sunday, May 7, 2017
10am- 5pm
Phoenix and Dragon South Annex, Room 215

Cost: $175.00, 6 CEU’s

This class will cover:

  • The Cosmic Octave set of forks by Hans Cousto
  • How to use these forks for balancing the spiritual body (chakra system)
  • Using the forks to work with your Astrology Natal Chart (please bring your natal chart to class)
  • Introduction to other sets of forks – Fibonacci (PHI), endocrine and organ forks, and more.
  • Hands on practice sessions



Sun June 18th
10am – 1pm
ISTA Office
3535 Roswell Road, Suite #2, Marietta, GA 30062

Cost $50.00

  • Copies of Case studies should be sent / received to Delores DeVore by June 10, 2017
  • This class you will present your case studies to the ISTA board
  • Discuss your findings and the things you learned.
  • Receive your certificate and have photo taken


Case studies are a requirement for completing the certification. You will receive the information to complete the case studies and mentoring guidelines during the February 11 & 12 workshop.


Reserve and Pay

Ticket Type Price Spaces
In Tune with Tuning forks with Certification
3 Classes with Certification 24 hrs of instruction and practice
Class 3 May 7
Cosmic Octave tuning forks
Certification Class June 18
Present case studies and receive certification