Instructor: Delores DeVore is master teacher with more than 25 years of experience with tuning forks. You will be able to see through the eyes of a mathematician and musician the importance of incorporating this sound tool into your life.  She has a degree in Mathematics, with minors in General Science and Education with her continuing education is with Universal Brotherhood University, where she has a Master’s degree in Divinity based on her work with Sound Essences. She is an ISTA Certified Therapeutic Sound Practitioner and was initiated into the Hathor Sounds by Tom Kenyon. She has taught in the public school system as well as the corporate world. She sang in church, high school and college choirs and took piano lessons from the 1st grade through the 9th grade focusing on the Classics. She has a passion for geometry, numbers, patterns, codes, esoteric knowledge and Occult (hidden) knowledge and purchased her first tuning forks in 1987. She has studied with or the works of the following Sound people: Laura Elizabeth Keys / Don Campbell / Wendy Young; Tom Kenyon; Jonathan Goldman; David Hulse; Eileen McKusick; John Beaulieu; Hans Cousto. Delores is the only tuning fork instructor who gives the student an understanding of the science and music theory behind the forks, the intervals, and types of tunings that are available with tuning forks and covers more than one set of forks.