Class 1: On-line and in class

  • History of Tuning forks
  • Types of Tuning forks
  • Uses of Tuning forks
  • How to hold Tuning forks
  • How to strike a Tuning fork
  • Where to use tuning forks
  • Self-treatment and practitioner treatment
  • Perfect fifth and the Otto tuners
  • Harmonic Spectrum set of forks and scale
  • Just Tuning or whole number ratio tuning
  • Piano keyboard, Law of the octave
  • Diatonic Scale (white notes), Pentatonic  scale (black notes), Chromatic scale (black and white notes)
  • Modes
  • 432 vs 440
  • Equal Temperament scale (Western music)
  • Vedic Chakra System
  • Techniques to Deliver sound with tuning forks both on and off the body

Class 2: on-line and in class

  • Intervals based on the work of John Beaulieu
  • Harmony and intervals
  • Understanding the elements (earth, air, water, fire and ether) based on Polarity Therapy
  • The relationship of the elements to intervals
  • The properties of the elements including color, shape, physical attributes, sound, and emotion
  • Techniques to deliver the sound with tuning forks off the body

Class 3: on-line and in class

  • The Solfeggio numbers and tones
  • Solving the 3 clues given to Dr. Joseph Puleo
  • Correcting Dr. Puleo’s definitions of the frequencies and other errors
  • The work of Joseph Crane, G W Hardin, The Genesis Fork
  • Scale of 11 that the Solfeggio Numbers belong
  • Triple number set of forks
  • The relationship of the Scale of 11 to Equal Temperament and Solfeggio numbers
  • The work of David Hulse
  • The work of Eileen McKusick
  • Our Bio-Energy Field
  • Techniques for delivering sound based on the above information
  • New Tuning system – The Archytas system – using new harmonics not often heard

Class 4: on-line and in class

Day 1:

  • Pythagorean scale and the circle of fifths
  • The Fibonacci Series, Golden Mean, Phi ratio
  • The work of Jain108
  • Specialty  Sets of Forks

Day 2:

  • The Cosmic Octave Set of forks
  • The work of Hans Cousto and Richard Merrick, Music of the Spheres
  • Frequencies of the Planets, Sun and Moon
  • The three earth Frequencies
  • Technique using your Natal Astrology
  • Technique for balancing the chakras using the planetary set
  • Introduce Roxanne Lowery – ISTA’s Ethics Statement

Class 5: In class

Day 1: Roxanne Lowery

  • Review Ethics statement
  • How to be with your client  and determine where they are physically, emotionally and mentally and move them to new paradigms 
  • How to setup your space
  • How to Position yourself in the Market – what makes you unique
  • Insurance and Licenses needed
  • The ability to Touch others – what is needed
  • Client Consent form for you

Day 2: In class

  • Graduation – Presentation of your findings to ISTA’s board.
  • If all requirements have been met you will receive your certification Certificate