Certification Course Details


Of the many sound practitioner certifications available, very few offer participants a fully supervised, immersive, intensive, and integrated process that equips them with the tools, guidance, and experience to ethically practice sound modalities with individuals and groups, directly upon completion of the program.  This Therapeutic Sound Certification (TSC) training is a skills-based, process-oriented educational model that offers a thorough exposure to, and experience of, the fundamental principles of sound healing as well as the physiological, neurological, and psychological effects of sound on the human organism. The TSC training provides critical instruction in the application of these principles through the modalities of the voice, sound meditation practices, singing bowls, tuning forks, and a thorough grounding in the science of advanced sound technologies.  Recurring practicums and assigned work with both individual clients as well as groups afford participants ample opportunities to develop skills and hone conveyance methods.  In addition to academic rigor, this integrative program is designed to awaken and enhance your inner knowing of sound and promote the cultivation of your unique capacity to implement sound as a tool of healing in your own life and in the lives of others.

  • Personal Mentoring / Apprenticeship
  • Intensive, Immersive, & Integrative Curriculum
  • Supervision throughout the entire program
  • Ethical preparation for becoming a sound practitioner
  • Practicums with real clients


At onset of the program, participants will begin applying information and new skills, and implementing therapeutic sound tools in their personal journey, as well as with clients. Program facilitators will supervise this process throughout the 10-month program, fostering a personal practice for each participant to increase depth of understanding of the work, as well as confidence and expertise to work with clients. This unique apprenticeship format provides ethical preparation for participants to become truly effective practitioners.  Facilitators will also address strategies for professional practice of therapeutic sound work, the ethical and legal implications therein, as well as potential social impacts of offering this work in community.


  • A strong fundamental understanding of musical terms and sound concepts upon which all sound healing modalities are based
  • Expanded awareness and perception through a deep study of listening
  • Discernment and appreciation of the experience of silence
  • The ability to facilitate therapeutic sound sessions, skillfully utilizing various modalities and techniques, in both one-to-one and group settings
  • A grounded understanding of how sound can induce meditative and trance states
  • A firm grasp of scientific principles that explain the nature of sound and its effects on the human organism
  • A comprehensive survey of the global history of sound healing and modern applications




As the most important and effective instrument of sound healing, the voice vibrates the entire body from the inside out.  Whether developing a personal practice for yourself or working in therapeutic settings with others, the voice can be your most powerful tool or your most challenging limitation.  In this program, we will integrate the fundamental principles of sound healing with the mechanics of healthy vocal technique to gain access to the vast source of healing and empowerment that every voice has the capacity to be.  We will learn how to utilize the voice as a healing tool through exploring the elements of vocal tone production & range, breath support, body resonance, musical intelligence, and the infinite sonic possibilities of the voice.

  • Learn the fundamentals of healthy vocal technique (i.e. tone production, breath support, body resonance)
  • Develop a repertoire of multi-cultural techniques to employ your voice as a healing tool
  • Exercise musical intelligence & expand creative freedom through improvisation
  • Facilitate individual empowerment and community cohesion through leading vocal practice



Meditation has been proven to calm and center the mind, slow down and increase the depth of our breath, and reduce stress.  We will explore the world of Nada Yoga (union through sound) with a variety of sound-based meditations that use the voice to send vibrations inside and outside the body, and shift one’s brainwave states. Increase your breadth and depth of knowledge and experience through your own personal practice of beginning and advanced toning techniques, as well as a variety of mantra-based practices.  We will learn why the transformational tool of sound meditation works, how to teach meditation one-to-one and with a group, and how to assess what is working and what might need to be adjusted in a meditation practice.

  • Develop a personal toning practice:  heal yourself so you can be a clear channel to work with others
  • Teach sound meditation one to one, or with a group
  • Analyze the benefits of an advanced toning practice:  what works, what doesn’t



Perhaps the most commonly used sound healing modality, yet often the most misunderstood.  By gaining an understanding of the rich history of metal singing bowls, and the newer crystal singing bowls, you will learn exactly how these powerful healing instruments affect the body, mind, and spirit.  Learn to differentiate between the many different types of singing bowls, how to take advantage of their unique harmonic patterns, and how these different patterns can dramatically and quickly shift our brainwave states, bringing about deep physical and emotional healing.

  • Study the rich history of metal singing bowls
  • Understand both the scientific and musical differences between crystal and metal bowls
  • Learn specific tapping techniques, bowl placement, and bowl choices for optimum results when working with an individual or a group
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the architecture of a sound bath



Tuning forks are some of the most accessible, reliable, and efficient instruments used in therapeutic sound work. We will utilize various sets of® tuning forks (i.e. Body Tuners, Osteophonic “Otto” Tuners, the Solar Harmonic Spectrum, and the Fibonacci set, among others) to study the physiological and neurological effects of sound, to explore the significance of tuning and harmonics, as well as to incorporate archetypal paradigms and protocols for providing therapeutic sound sessions.  Through research review and direct experience of the forks, we will examine the relaxation response in body tissue, the important role of bone conduction, and entrainment of the nervous system.


  • Understand the underlying scientific principles of tuning the physical body
  • Learn tapping techniques and protocols for personal and group sessions
  • Integrate sound work with elemental and archetypal paradigms
  • Be knowledgeable about and proficient in the use of tuning forks



Cymatics is the science of making sound visible. This segment relates the science of cymatics to the science behind therapeutic sounds, and its implications of re-establishing and maintaining an optimum state of health.

  • Receive a history and overview of the emerging field of cymatics in the visual, performing and healing arts
  • Observe the healing frequencies emitted by today’s advanced sound technology that affect us at the cellular level
  • Examine research methods proving sound has a physiological effect on the body
  • Observe and participate in sound research using today’s effective sound technology for maintaining optimum health


Supplemental Topics

  • Private session protocols
  • Bringing sound work into your communities
  • Expanding your vision and staying on your path
  • Introduction to business planning
  • How to conduct a case study
  • Research in the therapeutic use of sound


Students should bring Yoga mats and blankets, notebook and pens/pencils.


The TSC training is a 10-month, 270-hr program.  The curriculum covers 5 immersive weekend training sessions, supplemented by 6 intermediary conference calls, reading assignments, reflection papers, clinical practicums, work with individual clients and groups, as well as assigned practice and case study research.  Each level of the training augments the framework for your understanding and implementation of therapeutic sound, employing the aforementioned modalities with increasingly complex methods.

REQUIREMENTS for Certification:

  • Attend all 5 extended weekend sessions

DATES:  February 15-19, April 19-23, June 7-11,September 20-24, and November 8-12

SCHEDULE:  Wed 7-9pm; Thu-Sat 9am-5pm & 7-9pm; Sun 9am-4pm

  • Participate in all 6 1-hour conference calls (tentative dates below)
  • Post-Wknd 1:  Mar 8 & Apr 1
  • Post-Wknd 2:  May 17
  • Post-Wknd 3:  July 1 & Aug 1
  • Post-Wknd 4:  Oct 11
  • Write reflection papers (2-3 pages) following each weekend session
  • Practice & document a sustained, daily personal sound practice (15-20mins)
  • Participate in clinical practicums
  • Document 35 client hours
  • Conduct & present 1 final case study based upon research interest


NOTE:  No previous musical knowledge or experience is required to apply.  


Enhance your current career as a counselor, coach, nurse, yoga teacher, body and/or energy worker with the powerfully healing tool of sound or embark upon an exciting new path in the field of sound healing!

There is a growing demand for therapeutic sound work in venues such as medical facility programs, corporate wellness initiatives, elder care organizations, holistic health centers, integrative counseling and coaching, among others.  While many licensed professions (e.g. yoga, massage, nursing, counseling) are receptive to the incorporation of therapeutic sound in their offerings, the sound work integrated into these contexts must reflect the high level of proficiency and integrity of those professional licenses. This necessitates a sophisticated and practiced understanding of the powerful forces at work in sound, as well as the myriad potential responses of the varied constitutions of prospective clients.

Completion of ISTA’s TSC training will enable you to enter into the field with the essential knowledge, skills, and experience necessary to offer therapeutic sound work at your highest capacity.  The program will facilitate progressive clarification and evolution of the vision of your work that serves the highest purpose.